Brand Language

You’ve got the great website…

You’ve got the perfect graphics…

But what about your brand language and identity?

When it comes to engaging with your customers, we understand that it is a winning combination of visual identity, digital marketing and brand language that will offer the most effective route to success. As ‘Professional Story tellers’ we’re here to help you hone your brand voice and ensure that the messages you want to communicate are being shared in the right way.

We understand that no one knows your brand better than you, which is why we offer an array of collaborative services, masterclasses and support packages to help you get to where you need to be. Some of the services we offer include:

+ Getting to the heart of your business

Helping you to establish the perfect tone, formality and language base for your business, including key words, phrases and editorial techniques that can ensure compete consistency across multiple platforms.

+ Educating your staff

Hosting workshops to make sure everyone in your business is aware of new stylistic requirements.

+ Preparing for big events, campaigns and seasonal promotions

Want to adapt your brand language for an exciting new campaign or collaboration? Our expert team are here to offer a professional and experienced eye on the situation.

+ Your own brand language guide

Future-proof the services you receive from us with your own personalised ‘Brand Language Guide’, giving you a complete run-down of the stylistic decisions made and ways these can be implemented across all platforms. The professionally presented guide can then be shared with new and existing members of staff, strengthening your business from within.

Whether you’re an established company looking to hone your use of language or an emerging brand starting from the ground up, our team of professionals can help.

“A consistent, comprehensive and calculated approach to language is the foundation of any successful business. Having worked as a jewellery editor, journalist and copywriter, I can support you on your journey to success.”

Sarah Jordan, Bright Sparks United

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